Welcome to the LLI Planner Fam!

This page was created to give you all that you need to get started with your new 2021 Live Love Inspire Business Planner!
Down below you will see videos (new ones to come) on how to use certain sections within your planner.

In purchasing this planner, you have joined a community. Scroll down to see how to get involved, have accountability, and get motivated as you set up your planner and go into next year.


What To Expect:

Foundation Week December 7th - December 12th

Virtual Vision Board Party

Monthly Emails of Motivation, Business Tips, and Resources

FB Community to Share Your Planner and Engage with other Business Owners

Quarterly Business Planning Zoom Meeting

Regular Check-Ins + Reminders to Use Your Planner


How To Use - Foundation Pages (coming soon)

How To Use - Quarter Plans (coming soon)

How To Use - Weekly Layout (coming soon)

How To Use - Monthly Layout (coming soon)

Business Foundation Workbook (coming soon)

Planner Extra Pages

Get fun and functional printables to use for your business planning needs on this growing page!



December 7-11th
Foundation Week (Set Up Your Planner with Me!) Full schedule will be released soon.

December 12th
Virtual Vision Board Party